Fee Schedule

Residential fees include room and board and costs related to the residential program to include community outings and groups within the program. Fees for Annexing (clients who do not live in the CRP houses) are considered Residential fees and include all outings and groups.

Professional fees include charges for services provided by a psychiatrist, therapist, Alcohol/Drug services, case managers, or groups outside of the CRP program. Special Services are provided to clients that require additional assistance such as prolonged one-on-one staff care, accompanied travel home, or home medication delivery. Medicaid/Medicare does not cover Residential Fees, but may cover Professional Fees.

The Valeo Community Residence Program does accept insurance. Many insurance policies cover our professional fees; however, our residential fees and special service fees may not be covered by your policy. Please check with your insurance company to verify your coverage.

To request a fee schedule contact our Development Department at 785-215-8863, or e-mail vmize@valeotopeka.org.


For more program and pricing information please contact Lisa Hastings at 785-233-1730 ext 4102.