Admission Process

The admission process begins with a visit with the Program Manager, who assesses the individual's treatment needs and medical history. Information regarding diagnosis, past treatment, medications, and presenting symptoms will be gathered at this time as well as information exchanged regarding insurance coverage and fees for service.

If the candidate is a good fit for the program, the Program Manager will request the individual's most recent treatment records. The intake date will then be scheduled. Typically the admission process can be completed within five business days. In instances of timely delivery of treatment records, and completed application form, we have admitted residents within 48 hours.

Individuals and family may arrange a tour of our homes prior to admissions.

On the day of intake, the client and interested parties will meet with the Billing Liaison for the financial intake. This process takes approximately twenty minutes. The Program Manger and treatment team then meet to complete the clinical intake, which takes about one hour to complete. The client then moves into their home and settles in personalizing their room.

The Valeo Community Residence Program provides services to individuals with a vast array of diagnosis.

Admissions Phone: 785-215-8864 Fax: 785-354-1068

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